The 5-Second Trick For Flat Earth

Eric, dont be goaded into saying anything at all in the defence. dont even accept their videos, they want to upset you, and by even mentioning their videos is marketing for them and so they know that you are conscious of and built touch upon their operate. Sinply dismiss them, people today get upset if they are disregarded. just name them so truth seekers know to put them around the blackened checklist, but dont comment,dont occur into their baiting, by doing this they may have received a round, as it's got upset you enought to comment. By their very own accomplishing They are really displaying what they are, folks trying to get the reality usually are not Silly, and may come to their unique judgement eventually.

Mainly because you will discover unique faculties of Flat Earth believed, the Wiki mustn't automatically be taken because the "Formal" see with the Society. The precise beliefs of our associates are broadly varied, as must be expected from such a bunch of absolutely free-thinkers!

Hello Eric I owe you an apology.....I didn't comprehend the extent I were subliminally brainwashed over the years, and will have to confess It hardly ever dawned on me to severely question what sort of location we continue to exist.

  This is much like how David Icke suggests a bunch of great things then writes a whole e-book stating "the Moon is often a hollow Place-ship piloted by reptilian aliens who Command humanity with mind-Regulate moon-beams." These brokers purposely poison the perfectly and muddy the waters to obfuscate the reality, which would be that the Moon is pure and NOT a hologram It doesn't matter how over and over Mark and Crrow say so.

1 Observe, evidently you are still not with the viewpoint that we are in the dome, into the best possible of my ability to discern we have been consequently the non loss of our atmosphere.

i found this last assert to generally be notably odd. i employed to observe a volcano explode each day Once i was being in japan. this footage from hawaii looks pretty straight-ahead, also.

I propose that if there is a spiritual element to world wide finance; it is the an infection of what I phone the 'spirit of filthy lucre'. A real entity . IMO. The consequence becoming much like the situations of amount 10 hoarders .

SHills or not, They can be supporting you prefer it or not. Mark is who i found, and I used to be intrigued, probably not by what he explained, though the footage on the air balloon and this sort of, which proved much more then anything he basically explained, thus i began hunting... and in this article i am.

  He was also over the radio with Mark previously this 7 days admitting that, "Though my profile emblem demonstrates a flat Earth map, I am not essentially a hundred% a flat Earther, I am just a hundred% absolutely sure the Earth is not a ball."  Once again, a meant "leading" flat Earther stating on radio interviews that they're not even absolutely sure of their very own model!

It is hosted by Daniel Shenton and Michael Wilmore. Should you have solutions for visitors you want to listen to around the podcast, you should Get in touch with us and we are going to consider our greatest to make it materialize!

On starting up my own rival IFERS Discussion board and calling out the FES shills, numerous in their administrators and moderators joined up, praised me for my function, nominated me as joint "Flat Earth President," and in A Flat Earth Conspiracy final ditch try to co-decide me and my get the job done, requested if we could merge our forums as one particular!

Someone just squandered £six or maybe more on postage and a lot more over the reserve. What a disgrace. No person has admitted sending the e book.

..literaly. I are dded to numerous fb sites involving these people. I did not ask to join and ive identified the postings to generally be lame and pointless. I will go away these teams pronto

I study a whole lot, view and pay attention to quite a few of the FE people today and maintain what is smart and toss out The remainder. All have served in some way or another But, As you say you will find

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